The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) places great emphasis on lighting education in fulfilling its mission to advance the art, science and practice of illumination.

In keeping with the mission of the IES the Toronto Section offers a full calendar of educational programs that includes a variety of courses and seminars facilitated by experienced instructors, to suit various levels of lighting knowledge.

The “Fundamentals of Lighting” course offered thrice a year, provides a strong introduction to the art, science and practice of lighting and is ever popular with new lighting professionals or anyone looking for basic lighting knowledge.

For the more seasoned professional looking to move up in their career with a Lighting Certified (LC) qualification we offer the “LC Study Group” that is designed to assist those registered for the exam to prepare in a structured environment. The group gets together around mid-September every year which gives them enough time to get ready for the exam held in November. We are proud to share that we have the highest rate of success for such LC study groups anywhere.

We also offer the comprehensive “Roadway Lighting Workshop” which includes two days of instructions, a site visit and a hand-in project.

As we continue to strive to provide the latest and best education program for the lighting professional do watch out for new courses and programs to be added.

As part of your continuing development, the Toronto Section also offers a monthly Technical Luncheon Seminar where we have an industry leader come and give a talk on a current topic. These seminars are well attended and are a great opportunity to secure continuing education credits as well as network with peers.

For further details please contact our Education Chair