Webinar: Adaptive Reality – The Last Frontier

October 20, 2021 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
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What if static design was something of the past and our environment changed to please us? What if Building Standards would include the adaptability of the environment to the occupier’s needs?

The enlightened democratization of space is happening thanks to embedded electronics in anything architectural.

We’ll cover the theory and practice of Adaptive Reality. First, the fundamentals of IoT and Mesh networks, then the technology available today and soon to be released. We conclude with a look at the future and the impact of Artificial Intelligence in architecture.

Learning Objectives:

  1. explain how Adaptive Reality works.
  2. demonstrate how Bluetooth Mesh works.
  3. explain how commercial IoT works in architecture.
  4. demonstrate the value of IoT in architecture to owners and end-users.

Fabio ZaniboniFabio Zaniboni brings a unique perspective to the Lighting Industry. Italian born, Fabio grew up between South America, Europe, and Africa, fluently speaking four languages while living and working in over forty different countries. He immersed himself in both the arts and sciences, giving him a unique background to his Masters in Engineering. Fabio has shared his knowledge and experience with Fortune 500 companies all over the world, culminating in establishing multiple successful companies, that span all time zones, including Zaniboni Lighting, BubblyNet, Effective Lighting, and more. For over a decade Fabio has worked with many well-known designers around the world, designing and developing architectural lighting, lighting systems, giving and sharing insight into many aspects of the lighting industry. This naturally progressed to him delving into the field of building automation and controls, becoming an expert in the wireless controls industry, where he has specifically focused his knowledge and energies into Bluetooth Mesh and the impact of Artificial Intelligence in architecture.

ZOOM LINK will be sent through confirmation email!