IES Technical Luncheon: Lighting & Cinematography

October 16, 2019 @ 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
Latvian Canadian Cultural Centre
4 Credit Union Dr North York
ON M4A 2N8
$25 - $75

The Art of Cinematography has various sub Art-forms; Paintings, Sculptures, Architecture and Photography. We will shine some light on the art and exploration of Cinematography and how it transcends into dynamic aspects of Lighting Design.

The topics of the presentation will cover:

  1. Exploring lighting design from a new and fascinating angle directly from the world of film and art. We will learn how cinematographers work with light and what tools they use to create their vision of depth on a two dimensional screen. (*these tools were originally designed for film long before they were adopted by manufacturers and lighting designers)
  2. We’ll discuss and observe the directionality of light through the fundamental technique of Three Point Lighting and the history of light in film and paintings.
  3. The affect of colour psychology and what it means today in the western world.
  4. We will take a look at projected demonstrations of lighting and how it can be approached to the work.

PRESENTER: Osvaldo Sepulveda
Osvaldo SepulvedaOsvaldo Sepulveda was born in Santiago, Chile and resides in Toronto as a lighting designer at Mulvey + Banani Lighting. He is the middle child of five siblings and lives with his wife in Toronto.

Growing up Osvaldo’s first passion was acting. He first began his studies in theatre performance at Humber College’s Theatre Conservatory. Later he went on to study set design and cinematagraphy and completed the Advanced Film and Television program at Sheridan College. Osvaldo became a member of the Cinematographers Guild Local IATSE 667 as a camera assistant for feature films and televisions shows in the Toronto area. He is affiliated with the Canadian Society of Cinematographers, IES, and IALD. He is skilled in 2nd camera assisting, focus pulling, gripping, lighting, rigging, and set construction. It was then that he discovered a true passion for lighting. While working on set, Osvaldo closely observed cinematographers and studied how scenes were lit for the screen and how this one aspect affects an entire film.

He attended the lighting certificate program at Ryerson University before working at MBL.

Osvaldo also co-teaches an annual workshop at Humber College that includes lighting and shooting scenes for the graduating theatre class.